Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing allows mobile marketing campaigns to be planned and launched by marketers in minutes, allowing timely alerts containing mobile coupons, special offers, rewards, text-2-win announcements, or links to mobile-friendly websites to be deployed and tracked with all the analytics needed to make the decisions necessary for the best ROI.


There Are Many Different Mobile Marketing Methods to Engage Your Customers and Audience. We recommend opt-in text messaging campaigns that have a clear call to action using any of the following suggestions. Business Cards, Flyers, Signs, Door Hangers, Billboards, Television, Radio, Kiosk, Digital Signage and Website. Mobile marketing promotions can be at the center of all cross-media marketing.

Mobile Marketing Promotion Examples

Available Mobile Marketing Features

  • Text2SMS
  • Voice2SMS
  • Voting – Polling – Surveys – Trivia
  • Text2Win
  • Mobile Coupons
    The mobile coupon can be a simple text message that says, show this text to get 15% off at our store location this weekend or something similar. Mobile coupons are often delivered
    as SMS, text message, or graphically rich (MMS), or a 1D or 2D, barcode otherwise known as a QR code.
  • Mobile Friendly Web Sites and Landing pages
  • Short Code – Keyword Opt-in
  • Kiosk- Digital Signage

       How Does Mobile Marketing Work

How Mobile Marketing Works

  • Mobile Marketing Campaigns are intended as a complement to your existing marketing campaigns. The contact device is the “keyword” (your unique tracking method) and “short code” (The technology platform for interaction). The keyword and shortcode can be added to any existing marketing channel:  Sign, Online, Print, Radio, Television, etc.
  • SMS can be used in several different ways.  Marketers can take advantage of the immediate and personal nature of SMS text messaging to:

– Provide information on the go.  Upcoming events, contests, coupons other special offers, or even directions to your location.

Just-in-time offers/Not available elsewhere. Send your opt-in mobile subscribers a special offer in real time that is only available to text messaging subscribers. Allow them to redeem the offer immediately, using their wireless device.

– Encourage Interaction.  Ask recipients to participate in a poll, survey, or contest.

  • The process is so simple. For example, a keyword and shortcode are added to a sign that is attached either inside or outside your building. The prospect responds to the message or special offer via their mobile phone.  The prospect is invited to “opt-in” to receive more information on the offer.  Once opted in, the customer is yours to communicate with on an ongoing basis. The perfect way to keep your customers coming back again and again. Did you know that 90% of text messages get read within 3 minutes of receiving them? Now for those of you who have a larger marketing budget, imagine using this kind of powerful mobile text marketing interaction within a radio or TV commercial.

Use an interactive call to action with all your marketing campaigns by simply integrating mobile short-code marketing.  The picture below illustrates an example of an automobile mobile campaign.

Mobile Marketing Auto-Campaign


 Mobile Marketing Solution

  • When using mobile marketing technology, you will be in control of your campaign development and execution unless you choose an agency to do it for you.
  • The Process:

You can find mobile marketing companies that will license you the technology to run your campaigns and provide you with the number of keywords you need for ongoing creative development and campaign management. Many platforms will provide different packages of bulk text messaging transactions, making it easy to forecast the cost of the campaign. Packages can be scalable to accommodate success.

When you decide to do your campaigns many mobile marketing providers will provide you with “back office” functionality to create and execute campaigns, track results manage the ever-increasing database of customers or respondents, and provide training.

You then create your campaign and begin the marketing process.

  The Mobile Marketing Platform you choose should have full analytics so that you can see just how well your campaigns are performing:  Is your company ready for:

  • Campaign and Media performance feedback.
  •  Real-time response Data Capture.
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Short Code Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a simple way to set up a customer loyalty program

Mobile is poised to become the most widely utilized media channel in the world!
Source MMA, Mobile Marketing Association.

Mobile phones represent the most personal way to communicate with individuals. In a recently released report, Nielsen highlights how brands can reach practically every mobile consumer in the US by adding a mobile address, a Common Short Code to their marketing mix.

The Different Types of Businesses that use Mobile Marketing include: Franchises
of all types, Advertising Agencies, Media Companies, Restaurants, Publications, Schools, Car Dealers, Surf Shops, Motorcycle Dealers, Grocery Stores, Clubs, Musicians, TV and Radio Stations, Casinos, Hotels, Health Clubs, Spas and Salons, Fast food Chains, Banks, Retail Stores, Resorts, Digital Signage Networks, Professionals and Brokers just to name a few.

   Picture Below Shows a Mobile Marketing Campaign Made for Real Estate

Mobile Marketing Real Estate



If you are one of those companies that require a dedicated short code, you will just ask your Mobile Marketing Provider.